Prime Minister Roble speaks for the first time about the conflict between him and Farmaajo

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Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has spoken to the media in Nairobi, Kenya, for the first time about the alleged rift between him and outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

Roble said there was no disagreement at the moment between him and the president.

He added that he and the President are working together in implementing the elections.

“I and other national leaders are committed to holding elections in the country and the election has begun for us, ”said Roble.

Meanwhile, the prime minister spoke about the purpose of his visit to Kenya.

“My visit to Kenya is to improve relations between the two neighboring countries. I did not come to Kenya to sign anything. The maritime issue is inviolable and we are awaiting a decision from the International Court of Justice,” Roble said.

“The man who wants to tarnish his Islam is said to be an apostate, and the man who wants to tarnish his politics is said to want to sign the ocean away. I did not come to sign the sea and I will never sign. We are waiting for what God has given us in The Hague.” added.

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