Prime Minister Roble: “There are those who want to delay the election”

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has said that the crisis in Somalia can only be resolved through free and fair elections.

He added that the delay in the election had led to a decline in trade in the country, adding that after the election, everything would be back to normal.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble also said that as a government it is committed to holding elections in the country, and that there are those who want to suspend the elections and look for alternatives.

Roble said holding elections was the only way for the country to get out of its current predicament.

He insisted that the elections be held as soon as possible and that the National Consultative Assembly meeting decide on an expedited election timetable.

Prime Minister Roble did not say who those people were, but his comments come amid renewed tensions with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Farmajo, outraged by Roble’s dismissal of members of the dispute resolution committee, is accused by analyst and opposition to be trying to disrupt the election.

The statement from the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble comes at a time when elections have been delayed several times and with no decisions been made yet.

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