August 13, 2022

Prime Minister Roble issues statement on Ikran Tahlil case

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble spoke for the first time about the Ikran Tahlil Farah case, saying the NISA report on her case was unsatisfactory.

Roble instructed NISA Director Fahad Yassin to submit a full report on the Ikran case within 48 hours, and said he would take a decision later.

“I would like to inform the public that once I have completed the information I need, I will make the appropriate decision in this case and share it with all Somalis,” Roble said.

The prime minister said he had been following the case closely for two months and had asked NISA to provide more information.

He described the report as “unfortunate” and said they did not have any convincing evidence.

“I acknowledge that the improper handling of the Ikran Tahlil case has touched the hearts of the Somali people and created resentment that has led to the abduction of innocent citizens,” Roble said.

“In this regard, I assure the Somali people that the Federal Government of Somalia has a constitutional obligation to protect the fundamental rights of Somali citizens,” he said, adding that his government was committed to ensuring justice for Ikran Tahlil. 

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble called on the public to show restraint, and be responsible and cohesive, and avoid abuse or retaliation on innocent people.

Meanwhile, Qaali Mohamud Guhaad, the mother of Ikran Tahlil Farah, who spoke to the media in Mogadishu, once again called on the government to clarify the case of her daughter and tell her where to find, alive or dead.

Qaali Mohamed gave a long account of the birth of her daughter Ikraan, where she was educated, when she joined NISA and the information she provided on the last night of her disappearance.

“I called my daughter one day and she told me that she was having a headache after she was annoyed by a man named Kullane Jiis from the agency. She told me he threatened me and asked me things, she didn’t tell me what and said to me ‘I will tell you next time’,” said Qaali.

She also added that on the last night, she and her daughter spoke via Video-Call, and that a vehicle was sent to pick her daughter up that evening.

Qaali also said that given her daughter’s strategic location and her attention to detail, it was not possible that al-Shabaab could have captured her.

After the disappearance of her daughter, Qaali’s said that the Director General of NISA Fahad Yassin called her and when she met him he assured her that he would respond within two days to the whereabouts of her daughter Ikraan, but that did not occur.

“The two days that he (NISA Director) had given me turned into almost three months. For them (NISA) to quote on Facebook and say my daughter was killed by Al-Shabaab was unreasonable. If they killed my daughter, I want her body” said Qaali.

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