Protesters block a key road in Mogadishu

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Protests erupted this afternoon in the capital Mogadishu by  young self employed youths operating in the three wheeler motorcycles locally known as ‘Bajaaj’ or ”TukTuks” as they gathered in front of the statue of the Unknown Soldier (Daljirka Dahson).

The Tuktuk drivers blocked the Shabelle Road in front of the Daljirka Daahsoon statue, near the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

Tuktuk motorcycles taxi’s, who are mainly operated by the Mogadishu’s youth, have complained of poor road conditions, saying there businesses have suffered due to major roads in the city blocked by rainwater, while others have been cut off by Somali federal government security forces.

They also added that their taxes are being collected every day and nothing is being done about their pleas for better road conditions and to open roads that are closed by security officials, they said.

Mogadishu Tuktuk drivers also spoke to the media and sent a message to the governor of Benadir region, demanding that he intervene in their grievances.

The protest affected the movement of people and vehicles, as protesters blocked the road between Daljirka Dahson and Shabelle Road, that is the only intersection that connects to Hamar Weyne District.

The protests are coming at a time when the streets of Mogadishu have been congested in recent days, with some major roads blocked by rain or for security reasons.

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