August 13, 2022

PSF issues statement on fighting with Puntland State Deni administration

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PSF (Puntland Security Force) officials have for the first time spoken out strongly against yesterday’s and today’s clashes in Bossaso between their forces and Puntland State Forces.

A statement from PSF officials first stated that their forces had defended themselves in the last two days against aggression in violation of all legal rules.

They also accused President Deni’s administration of rejecting the decision of the Puntland Clans, of inciting social unrest and aggression in Bossaso, and of using violence and with civilian casualties.

“Our side has never instigated violence and harassment of its people. We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives in our community and we will not accept what they have done.”

“The PSF stands for the fight against terrorism, insecurity and all those involved.”

Finally, they said they would never accept those accused they say, were members of terrorist groups of hiding under government immunity.

Heavy fighting has broken out in Bossaso over the past two days between the PSF and Puntland forces loyal to State President Said Deni, following a period of tension over the dismissal of the PSF director.


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