Puntland carries out executions of 21 terrorists found guilty

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Puntland security forces carried out this morning the execution of 21 al-Shabab, who all have already been sentenced to death by the Puntland State Military Courts.

The group, all men, were members of a network that Puntland has accused of killing scores of people in the region.

The executed men have been found guilty for shootings’ and bomb attacks that had killed 18 people in and around Garowe, Galkacyo and Qardho.

Some of the men have admitted while in police custody of being members of Al-Shabaab, with another confessing that they were part of a assassination team who had operated in Puntland, with those who they have killed including prominent members of society such as Faysal Ahmed Bashir (Submarine ), Mohamed Hashi Mumin (Abu-Dayib) and Mohamed Ali Ouke (Jeeri) to name a few.

Chairman of the Puntland Supreme Court Gen. Mohamud Abdi Mohamed who spoke at the press conference, reported the extensive investigation and trial of the guilty party.

“The military tribunal has been working for some time to eradicate the culprits from the Mudug region. Puntland investigators have played a key role and everyone had been investigated before being brought to justice,” he said. 

However, the execution of 21 individuals in a single day is the first such numbers in Somalia’s military courts history. 

In recent months, Puntland State has intensified its fight against Al-Shabaab and ISIS militants based in the mountainous region of Bari.

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