Puntland Elders issue outcome on Deni and PSF crisis

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Puntland’s traditional elders, who are currently working on a solution to the crisis in Bossaso between the Deni government and the PSF command led by Mohamud Diyano, have tonight issued six points that they believe can resolve the dispute that has hampered the security in Bosasso.

The elders have decided that the PSF should remain in charge and that Mohamud Osman Diyano be left in charge, with Director Mohamud tasked to recall the forces that split in the battle in Bossaso.

They also suggested that Puntland President Said Deni and Director Mohamud Osman Diyano lay the groundwork for reconciliation, to end the conflict.

In the third case, the elders decided that the violence in the war-torn city of Bossaso should be referred to Islamic rule and law.

Meanwhile, the elders have called on the Puntland government to withdraw its agreement with the UAE-based DPWorld, which operates the port of Bossaso, saying that the company has failed in its duty over the past five years.

“We have decided to allocate 17% of the port’s revenue to the development of Bossaso. The funds will be jointly managed by the traditional elders and the city development committee, which will be a trusted committee,” the statement concluded.

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