August 13, 2022

Puntland Electoral Commission Deputy Chairman Resigns

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Aynaanshe Yusuf Hussein, former deputy chairman of the SEIT committee in Puntland, has resigned from his post aa a member of the committee which is currently in charge of running the parliamentary elections.

Aynaanshe cited personal reasons for leaving the commission, although he did not share them with the media.

In a brief statement, he announced his resignation, informing the Prime Minister and the Federal Electoral Independent Team (FEIT).

“As Aynanshe Yusuf Hussein, a member of the Puntland State Electoral Commission, I hereby declare that I have resigned as a member of the commission for personal reasons,” he said in a statement.

He also added, “I also declare that I have also resigned as the Deputy Chairman of the SEIT-Puntland State Electoral Commission.”

Meanwhile, Aynaanshe Yusuf thanked all the members of the Puntland Electoral Commission who have worked together for more than a year.

According to inside sources, Yusuf Hussein wants to run in the by-elections, running for Hop 220 seat, which is currently held by MP Abdirashid Mohamud Hassan.

His resignation also comes at a time when the Puntland Electoral Commission is currently working on holding elections in Bossaso under the administration.

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