Puntland health ministry reports latest COVID-19 challenges

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The Speaker of the Puntland House of Representatives, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, along with the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ismail Mohamed Warsame, today chaired the 2nd meeting of the Standing Committee.

The committee met with the Puntland Minister of Health, Dr. Jama Hassan, along with officials from the Ministry of Health to ask them on update’s with the situation on the ground and COVID19 infections.

The Minister first briefed the Committee on the overall situation of COVID19 in Puntland, the Ministry’s response mechanism to Covid 19, the challenges and efforts to raise public awareness in order to improve the health procedures of Puntland and reduce the spread of the infection.

The Standing Committee said they had welcomed the challenges brought forward by the ministry, the achievements of the Ministry as well as the urgent needs, and the Committee then recommending that the ministry boost its effort and continue the awareness of COVID19 in order to inform the public of the importance of getting the covid-19 vaccine.

In recent weeks, Somalia has seen a spike in rises of Covid-19 infections.

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