Puntland: More Details emerge of intensified fighting in Bossaso

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Reports from Bosaso town in Bari region say that clashes are taking place there between Puntland Security f=Forces (PSF) and forces loyal to the former director of PSF, Mohamud Osman Diyano.

The two sides have been using heavy artillery fire in the neighborhoods of Bossaso, and with reports that residents of the neighborhoods are fleeing the fighting.

It is not known who started the fighting, but reports say that Puntland forces loyal to the State President attacked the PSF headquarters, where they had gathered.

The fighting has affected the PSF headquarters, the Bossaso presidential palace and surrounding areas as the fighting forces are very close to eachother in defense.

The PSF forces reportedly shelled the Presidential Palace in Bossaso, prompting the withdrawal of troops loyal to Puntland State President Said Deni.

There are reports of casualties in the ongoing clashes, but the exact number of casualties is not yet known.

Recent talks to end the crisis in Bossaso have failed, after the two sides failed to agree on a resolution.

The mayor of Bossaso in Puntland’s Bari region, Abdiqani Deerdile, spoke about today’s clashes between Puntland Presidential forces and the PSF, which resulted in casualties.

Speaking to the media in Bossaso, he said that an insurgent group was causing trouble in Bossaso, who refused to hand over power and claimed to be part of the Gorgor forces of the Federal Government..

He said that since yesterday, the PSF forces have been wreaking havoc in Bossaso and he accused them of starting the fighting today.

He threatened to take action against the PSF if they did not stop the violence in Bossaso, and called on the public to work with the Puntland government.

“The anti-government group that claims to be fighting for the Gorgor army is a multi-party group that is being used to create chaos in Puntland, and we are telling the public that the government is on the side of the people”.

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