Puntland: Parliamentary elections begin today in Bossaso, security tightened

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Elections for the House of the People in Bossaso are set to take place today, Saturday, as well as on Wednesday, the Puntland Electoral Commission announced yesterday.

The Puntland Indirect Election Implementation Committee yesterday announced the names of the people who are expected to run in the by-elections.

MTVSomali.com understand some candidates are set to give up before the election to make things easier for the other candidate in which it is believed that secret deals have been done behind closed doors.

16 seats are all likely to be up for grabs today, as it is not open to tough competition.

Security in Bossaso, the commercial capital of Puntland, has been tightened in recent hours, with areas close to the polling stations closed.

The troops are conducting heavy operations in the neighborhoods of Bossaso.

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