Puntland releases statement on Prime Minister Roble’s move

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A brief statement from Puntland’s presidency expressed support for Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in response to a decree issued by the outgoing President Farmaajo, which reduced the executive power of Roble’s government.

Puntland commended the Prime Minister for managing the country’s politics at this critical time and for re-strengthening Somalia’s diplomatic relations with the international community.

“The Puntland Government congratulates Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s leadership of the country during the transition period, the implementation of elections and the strengthening of Somalia’s diplomatic relations with the world. The Government of Puntland has always believed in the rule of law in accordance with Article 4, Clause 1 of the constitution, ”the statement said.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced this afternoon that in the light of its national responsibility, it has worked to defuse internal and external tensions, while safeguarding the interests of the Somali people.

“Recognising that Somalia has no interest in undermining its relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world, the Prime Minister made efforts to ensure that Somalia enjoys equitable relations with key countries. In our sister country of Djibouti, we have also initiated talks with Kenya and some Arab countries with which we have diplomatic relations, security, trade, education, or host refugees and Somali residents which is the responsibility of the Somali Government” said a statement from the Prime Minister’s office, in response to the presidential decree.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Roble tonight received members of the opposition in his office, with a inside source saying they held a meeting that lasted for hours.

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