Ramla Ali tells Sky Sports about challenging build-up to historic Olympic bout for Somalia in Tokyo

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“If I can inspire another 12-year-old me coming up, who wants to not just box but take sport seriously, then I feel like I’ve done something good”; Ramla Ali reflects on her historic fight at the Tokyo Olympics

If you’re going to greet Ramla Ali with repetitive questions about her last fight, then you should stop and listen to a stinging account about making history for Somalia.

Ramla Ali’s name is now in the history books as the first Somali boxer to compete at the Olympic Games, but that statistic should come with an asterisk*.

Speaking to Sky Sports, a few weeks after her return from Tokyo, Ali said: “A lot of people were asking me: ‘How did it go? How was the experience? What was it like?'”

Ramla Ali

Image:The Somalia-born boxer is based in Britain

But she couldn’t simply respond by saying, ‘It was challenging, it was inspirational, or it was frustrating’. It was much more than that.

“The one thing that I’ve said to everyone is that the African Olympic experience is 100 per cent different to the western Olympic experience,” Ali told Sky Sports.

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