Regional State president says Ahlu Sunna has ‘invaded Galmudug’

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The president of Galmudug state Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoor Qoor) who spoke about the fighting in Guriel, has expressed his condolences to the victims of the recent clashes.

President Qoor Qoor described the fighting in Guriel as “regrettable” and blamed Ahlu Sunnah Waljama’a for the fighting.

He also said that they are aware of people behind the fighting, both Somalis and foreigners and will soon provide evidence.

He pointed out that Ahlu Sunnah had misused the name, which belongs to the Somali people.

He added that Ahlu Sunna forces were asked to leave and vacate Guriel, but instead dug trenches in Guriel district, adding that they would never accept the use of force by Galmudug forces.

Meanwhile, the State President Qoor Qoor he said they are providing assistance to the victims of the fighting in Guriel who have been displaced on the outskirts of the district, and has appointed a committee of ministers to conduct the fact finding mission.

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