Registration of Parliamentary Candidates begins in Dhusamareb

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The Galmudug state election commission has on Sunday started the registration of candidates for the Somali Federal Parliament in Dhusamareb.

Parliamentary candidate Yusuf Guelleh Ugas, who is running for HOP # 026, has met the requirements of the Galmudug Electoral Commission, has received a certificate of candidacy from the House of Representatives, having recently resigned from the Upper House.

Parliamentary candidate Yusuf Guelleh Ugas thanked the Galmudug State Electoral Commission for their service.

The Galmudug Electoral Commission also presented Mahad Abdalla Awad, a candidate for the House of the People, with a certificate of candidacy for the HOP104 seat.

The Galmudug State Electoral Commission is expected to finalize the registration of candidates for the 5 seats in the House of the People that will be contested by those who have been sitting on the seats for the past four years and new one polical faces.

The Galmudug administration will be one of the first administrations to hold parliamentary elections following the efforts of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble during a visit to Dhusamareb.

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