Reshuffle of Mogadishu District Police Station Commanders

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The commander of the Somali Police Force, General Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijar, has reshuffled some of the districts in Benadir region.

Commander Hijaar also appointed Colonel Ali Dhuh Abdi Mahad Alle as the new deputy commander of the Benadir region, following the recent death of former deputy commander Colonel Waa-weyn.

Among the reshuffled Benadir regional commanders is Farhan Mohamed, who has been promoted to Boondheere commander and replaced by Captain Ismail Said.

Yahye Mohamed Ibrahim alias (Yahye Casuuro) has been appointed as the Commander of Daynile District Police Station.

Colonel Maalim Adan has been appointed as the police chief of Dharkenley district in Benadir region, and was taken from Abdiaziz district police station. Ahmed Botan was appointed to Wadajir police station, Ismail Said Jama was appointed to Waberi police station, Hassan Abdulle Bashir was appointed to Abdiaziz station. Zakeriye Abdullahi was appointed to Hodan station, Abukar Sheikh Adan was appointed deputy commander of Kahda. Omar Ahmed also became the Deputy Commander of Boondheere district.

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