Sacked Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak announces reason behind his dismissal

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In an interview with VOA’s Somali Service, Somalia’s outgoing Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud revealed who and why he was fired by Prime Minister MOhamed Hussein Roble.

Mohamed Abdrisaq said he had asked for his resignation a few days ago, but it was rejected by both the Prime Minister and the President.

Mohamed Abdirizak indicated that there was a rift between him and his superiors, though he did not elaborate, but noted that everything should have been settled down privately.

In an interview with VOA, Minister Mohamed Abdirizak was asked who he believed had forced him to resign, and said that it was President Farmajo who was behind his resignation, not expecting such a move.

“If there were any shortcomings, they would be our own. I was doing my job honestly and I was surprised by my dismissal. A week ago, with my concerns about the job, I said to the prime minister and the president,” “if they want me to resign then I am ready to resign, but they both rejected it and told me that your concerns would be resolved, and then I was fired, which really surprised me,” said Mohamed Abdirizak.

Mohamed Abdirizak was replaced by Abdisaid Muse Ali, director of the Somali presidential palace, who was appointed two months ago by national security adviser Fahad Yassin.

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