Security chief killed in Deynile district

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A landmine blast has killed the security chief of Deynile district Abdishakur Rage (Abdi Yare) while he was on the outskirts of Deynile district.

According to reports, a car belonging to the commander was hit by a blast while security forces were conducting a security operation in El Shale area on the outskirts of Daynile district.

The blast also killed three of his bodyguards, witnesses told local media while a number of others were injured, who were taken to hospitals in Mogadishu.

Security officials in Daynile district in Benadir region have not yet commented on the blast, but al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the blast, saying it killed the security chief of Daynile district and 11 soldiers accompanying him.

Abdishakur Rage (Abdi Yare), the commander of the security forces in Deynile district, was among the officials who visited the Burdheere department in Deynile district yesterday, where a local dispute was resolved.

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