October 6, 2022

Security Minister orders NISA to hand over airport security

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Somali Security Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur has issued a letter ordering the National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) to withdraw all NISA troops from Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport.

NISA was instructed in the letter to hand over responsibility for security at the airport to the Somali Police Force, which operates inside the airport.

The security minister said in a statement that the decision was taken following a security breach inside the airport that led to widespread security breaches, as security responsibilities at the airport were divided and not in one hand.

“Following the escalation of complaints from government agencies operating inside the airport, the NISA forces continue to commit acts of violence and intimidation, with full evidence. It has been decided, and instructed, that the overall security of the airport be taken over by the Somali Police Force, and that the Airport Police Station be held solely responsible for the security of the airport, after 2 January 2022,” said the minister’s statement.

Minister Abdullahi said in a statement that it had been decided to restore all command and control of the NISA forces operating inside the airport, starting from 02-January 2022 on Sunday.

“The Acting Director of NISA has been instructed to hand over all security responsibilities of the NISA to the Police Force, and to bring back all command and control personnel operating inside the airport. “There will be no NISA forces operating in the area or weapons cannot enter the airport, except for the troops stationed inside the official bases of Waran and Gaashaan,” the statement said.

Aden Adde International Airport was staffed by plainclothes security forces and was formerly under the direct control of former NISA Assistant Director Abdullahi Kulane, and was often used for political purposes with many occasions people barred from leaving the airport. 

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