Somali army and local forces take over Harardhere District

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The Somali army and local forces have officially taken control of Harardere district in the South of Mudug region.

The Minister of Defense of the government confirmed to the media the capture of Haradere, which the government and local forces took over without a fight.

The reports added that the Al-Shabaab fighters in the district have evacuated after they were informed of the heavy attack by the army, and with now the district fully under the control of the government and local forces.

The army has started an investigation to ensure security inside Harardhere district in the south of Mudug region.

The Al-Shabaab group is said to have also took all the people who lived in the district and took them to the forest area as a cover to escape the airstrikes.

The news that Al-Shabaab has left Harardheere district came during the strongest mobilization to liberate that town from Al-Shabaab with the district long been in the hands of Al-Shabaab.

The state government of Galmudug has said that the operations to liberate the areas where Al-Shabaab currently are will soon begin, with the last preparations underway.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Hamza Abdi Barre, praised the liberation of Harardhere district in the South of Mudug region.

The Prime Minister congratulated the armed forces who freed another important district from Al Shabab terrorst group who have plagued the development of the country and the unity of the Somali nation.

“It is another step and a historic victory that the heroes of the national army and those of the local population brought to the nation today in liberating the enemy of the nation from the strategic district of Harardhere in Mudug region,” he said.

He said that the courage of the local population, the bravery of the army and the commitment of the government leaders have made it possible to defeat Al-Shabaab in a short period of time and capture a large area.

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