Somali army says operation kills 50 militants

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At least 50 al-Shabab militants have been killed in the past two days as the Somali forces intensified security operations in al-Shabab bases in the central and southern regions of the country, the military said on Sunday.

Somali National Army (SNA) commanders told the state media that its forces have also destroyed al-Shabab bases and their hideouts in many parts of the Hiran, Middle Shabelle, and Lower Shabelle regions in the central and southern regions.

“Fifty al-Shabab members have been killed and many bases destroyed in the past 48 hours,” SNA commanders said.

The government forces have intensified their offensive operations to flush out al-Shabab terrorists in many parts of the country, which has resulted in the terrorists losing more ground and suffering heavy casualties as the security operation entered its fourth week on June 14.

The al-Qaida-allied terror group has lost many areas previously under its control, but the militant group is still capable of staging attacks in Somalia.

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