Somali born MP elected to high office in Italy

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Abdullahi Ahmed Moalim, originally from Somalia, became the first immigrant to be elected to Italy’s local councils.

Abdullahi, a young man, won one of the 24 seats in the Torino City Council in northern Italy.

He also became the most voted candidate for the Constituent Assembly and the first foreigner to be elected in 25 years.

Mr Abdullahi now has a great opportunity to represent the people of Torino, Italy.

His victory came after he was nominated by the Democratic Party, which won a seat on the local council on Monday.

His victory was also hailed by Somalis who congratulated him, and there were celebrations on social media celebrating his victory.

Adding to the excitement of Abdullahi Ahmed Maalim’s success is that he boarded a boat to Italy, where he migrant in 2008.

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