Somali businessman missing in Nairobi

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Mohamed Hassan, who was abducted on May 23, from a shop in Machakos, not far from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, has been missing without a trace as his family demand answers from police in Kenya.

Kenyan media have been covering the story of Mohamed, who has been missing for almost 10 days, and his relatives are demanding justice and the search for their son.

Police have also launched further investigations into the missing businessman, a young man, and no information has been released about his condition.

Omar Hassan, a brother of the missing businessman, told reporters that the individuals went to his shop and were working to implement the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When individuals who allegedly carried out the Covid-19 operation arrived at the scene, they were questioning the public. All those who did not wear the mask escaped. They chased Mohamed and later arrested him at his shop,” said Omar Hassan.

He added that they had made efforts to search for their son, but had not yet found him, and demanded that he be searched by police.

Nairobi has seen an increase in attacks on Somali businesses in recent months, with several people killed this year.

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