Somali government confirms Somali girl killed in Malaysia

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More details are emerging from the murder of a Somali girl named Dahabo Omar in Malaysia on Sunday, and with various reports that an Iraqi refugee man in Malaysia was behind her killing.

But officials at the Somali embassy in Malaysia say police in the country have not released any information other than that they have told them that the killer is in custody and are investigating.

Police have not yet released information on the whereabouts of the man who allegedly killed Dahabo Omar.

Amal Mohamed Said, a consul at the Somali embassy in Mogadishu, told the media that she had received other reports that the killer had asked the victime to marry him but she had refused.

“Other reports indicate that the man who killed the Dahabo asked her to marry him but she refused and he killed her and stabbed her.” Said Amal Mohamed Said.

The consul of the Somali embassy in Malaysia also said that friends of the deceased girl and members of her family had told her that the girl had said several times before that the man in custody had threatened to kill her after she rejected his offer.

Dahabo Omar’s body is currently at a government hospital and embassy officials have confirmed that she will not be buried until police investigations are completed.


Iraqi man kills Somali girl after she rejects love affair

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