Somali government issues statement on Beledweyne conflict

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The Somali government’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement discussing on the current conflict crisis in Beledweyne, the capital of Hiraan region in central Somalia.

The statement, issued by Interior Minister Mukhtar Hussein Afrah, first sent a message of peace to the warring factions in Beledweyne.

Minister Afrah also urged the two sides to avoid all angles that could ignite the current tension’s in the region.

He also demanded from intellectuals, elders & various sections of society to intervene in defusing the situation in Hiraan between a militia forces loyal to General Abukar Huud and the Hirshabelle State administration.

“The ministry calls on elders, peace activists, religious leaders, business people, women and youth to stand together and work together to restore and strengthen stability as the country goes to the polls and Beledweyne is one of the most important designated constituencies,” the statement said. 

This statement comes after forces loyal to General Abukar Huud, who are demanding a separate state for Hiraan region, and the government forces from Hirshabelle had a conflict in Beledweyne with casualties reported in both sides. 

General Huud, who in the beginning protested against the HirShabelle election, strongly opposes the administration’s officials operating inside the town.

However, the situation is now calm according the local reports, and efforts are underway to defuse tensions in Beledweyne following a HirShabelle cabinet meeting in the town.

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