Somali Government responds to al-Shabaab’s ‘dangerous’ initiative

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The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has issued a strong response to images of al-Shabaab disseminating its ideology, and has announced a conference against the move.

Al-Shabaab has dubbed the series “Saa’a Maa Yakkumun,” and discusses provisions in the Somali constitution, which it says are against Islam.

A statement from the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs said the purpose of the propaganda videos was to create a terrorist ideology and justify the bloodshed of the Somali people.

“Recently, the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization has been releasing videos and press releases aimed at justifying the group’s erroneous ideologies that have no basis in Islam, calling them religious evidence that is misleading the Somali people” the statement said.

The ministry said it was following the footage closely and was ready to respond one by one to all the points raised in their discussions, which have no bearing on Islam.

“The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs calls on Muslim clerics in general, and Somali clerics in particular, to convene a conference to shed light on and respond to al-Shabaab’s arguments, in order to save the Somali people from the group’s ideology.”

The ministry concluded by saying that it is always ready to prevent any ideological invasion of the Somali people by terrorist groups.

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