Somali Government responds to Kenya’s plan on selling scrap Somali planes

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The Somali government has for the first time spoken out against the sale of low-cost aircraft by Kenya, owned by the Somali National Army.

The commander of the Somali Air Force, Mohamud Sheikh Ali, told the BBC that the auction planes had failed after landing in the country after the collapse of the central government.

“A plane that has been parked in the bush for 30 years and (that) has not been repaired is now a thing of the past,” said Somali Air Force Commander Mohamud Sheikh Ali.

He also said that the Kenyan government had not contacted the Somali Government on the auction of the planes, which belonged to the Somali National Army.

“I have heard Somali aircraft (were) being auctioned off, but no one from Kenya has contacted us.”

“If you leave a car in the parking lot for 30 years, that car is a dump, isn’t it? So what is being sold is scrap steel, not something that is being sold as a plane right now.”

Kenya has unveiled what it says are long overdue aircraft at its airports, including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport, Lokichoggio Airport and Wilson Airport.

The Kenyan government has said all of the aircraft will be auctioned off by November 17, including two 3C-ZZA and 8204 AN24 military aircrafts belonging to Somalia.

As stated in the required costs, each will go for KShs.73,000 equivalent to $730.

Somalia’s planes have fallen into the hands of other governments, following the collapse of the government led by Mohamed Siad Barre, and so far not a single plane has been returned to Somalia.

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