Somali government takes over from SWALIM and FSNAU from the United Nations

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The Federal Government of Somalia has taken over from the United Nations the responsibility of the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) and the Somalia Water and Land Data Collection Agency (SWALIM).

In a landmark agreement signed by the Somali National Statistics Authority and the FAO, it was decided that Somalia would take full control of the FSNAU and SWALIM.

SWALIM was set up to collect and store data lost during the civil war in the 50 years before the civil war.

It is also designed to keep an eye on new key data.

During its existence, this organization has largely stored important information related to:

1. Water resources (surface water, groundwater and irrigation).

2. Climate / weather forecast.

3. Drought data.

4. Flood data.

5. Land resources, such as:

  • The soil.
  • Ground cover.
  • Land use.
  • Ground suitability.

e. Land reclamation.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo commended the efforts of the Somali National Statistics Agency to take over the responsibility of these institutions which have long since returned to the control of the Federal Government of Somalia.

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