Somali government, World Bank sign $445 million projects

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The Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, Abdirahman Duale Bayle, met with Kristina Svenssn, Somalia’s Representative to the World Bank, at the Ministry of Finance to discuss development projects.

After the meeting, Minister of Finance Dr. Abdirahman Beyle and the World Bank Representative Kristina signed a $ 445 million grant agreement for various projects in Somalia.

Minister Bayle said the signed projects are very important for Somalia, with emphasis in the areas of health and education.

“This support to our country is a testament to the way we have conducted over the last four years and how this country is believed to have achieved a lot, and will continue to do so, ‘said Minister Bayle.

Bayle said the funds for the projects will be distributed across the country.

The World Bank has donated millions of dollars to Somalia in recent years.

Last year alone, the World Bank has invested more than 100 million donated in order to have combat Covid19 infections in the country.

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