Somali Man arrested for stabbing lawmaker Sir David Amess

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A Somali man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing of Conservative MP David Amess in the UK.

Sir David Amess had a face-to-face meeting with voters when the suspected man the of murder began a violent attack in Leigh-on-Sea, about 65 km from London.

The suspect stabbed Sir David Amess, 69, who died at the scene.

“Everything happened so quick. A man suddenly pulled out a knife and started to attack the victim,” said an eyewitness who spoke to local media.

The UK’s anti-terrorism and MI5 anti-terrorism police are reportedly investigating whether the man, 25, has links to terrorist groups.

People who gathered at the Belfairs Methodist church watched in horror while the incident took place, as paramedics struggled for two hours to save him.

Witnesses said the man stood with the knife for five minutes after the attack, until police arrived, then took the knife and arrested him.

Sir David was a campaigner for refugees.

Sir David Amess leaves behind five children and had recently attended the wedding of his daughter Alex, 31, just a few weeks ago.

Sir David Amess was one of the lawmakers who strongly supported the UK’s Brexit campaign on leaving the EU.

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