Somali nationals fleeing conflict in Ukraine

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Residents in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, have begun evacuating following a Russian-led operation in Ukraine this morning.

Some Somali students are also fleeing the capital, Kyiv, one of Russia’s target cities.

Mohamed Abdi Gutale, a Somali living in Kyiv, said the reason for the evacuation was fear of being stranded in the city and not being able to leave later.

He added that in some parts of Kyiv, several mortar shells were fired, causing panic among the population.

Many foreigners have been affected by the conflict in Ukraine, who have begun fleeing the fighting.

Meanwhile, Thirty Somalis detained in Ukraine have been released, state media have confirmed.

The detainees are expected to leave the country, and efforts are underway by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to repatriate Somali nationals to neighboring countries bordering Ukraine.

Somalis, mostly students in Ukraine, have been affected by the conflict.

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