Somali PM pledges care for youth injured in Dhega-badan camp bombing

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, paid a solidarity call visit on the victims of yesterday’s suicide bombing in Mogadishu.

The prime minister went one by one to the young men who had been injured in the attack on General Dhega-badan camp, as they were about to join the army.

He also pointed out that the Somali government will make every effort to ensure access to comprehensive health care.

Prime Minister Roble also spoke privately with the hospital’s management about the care and treatment of the patients, which the government has promised to monitor.

“Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has spoken to the hospital’s management about the treatment of patients who are being monitored by the government, and we wish all our young brave recruits a speedy recovery,” said the Somali government’s defense minister who accompanied the delegation led by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

A suicide bomber yesterday afternoon, blew himself up after impersonating young recruits who were lining up to to enter General Dhaga Badan Military camp in Medina District, Mogadishu.

The Somali Military’s commander General Odawa Yusuf Raage,  who spoke to media after the attack, said 10 recruits were killed in the suicide bomb attack, claimed by Al Shabab, with at least a dozen more injured.

The Somali Army have in recent weeks, stepped up military’s operations against Al Shabab and killing more than 200 Al Shabab fighters over the past weeks in the process.

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