Somali PM urges regional leaders to summarize issues to be discussed.

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                              State leaders convene with Prime Minister hosting talks on elections.


The second day of the National Consultative Meeting on the Completion of Elections was chaired by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Discussions are under way on key issues related to the country’s elections, based on the September 17th agreement and the February 16th proposals.

‘’Prime Minister Roble wants to summarize as much as possible with the key outstanding issues that the leaders are discussing in their meetings so that they can finally be resolved with a mindset of compromise, brotherhood and priority for the safety of the Somali people. and so the country can go for a free and fair election’’, according to Government Spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Maalim.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the Leaders’ Meetings were proceeding as planned by the Prime Minister, including that in some cases, if necessary; the Leaders would have private appointments and hold private talks.

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