Prime Minister Roble calls for action on Shabelle River floods in Jowhar

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has called on the Somali people and the international community to come to the aid of those affected by the Shabelle River floods in the Middle Shabelle region.

Mohamed Hussein Roble, the prime minister of Somalia, who is on his first visit to Jowhar town since taking office, said that he has witnessed the effects of the Shabelle River floods on the people of Jowhar town, adding that his government will bring all efforts to ensure that there are systems that will prevent further flooding’s.

At a press conference in Jowhar, the prime minister said he would appoint a committee to deal with the flooding of the Shabelle River in the Middle Shabelle region.

“I call on the people of Somalia, both at home and abroad, to stand up and help those impacted by the floods,” said Prime Minister Roble.

The prime minister also called on the international community to contribute their support for the communities devastated by the flooding river.

“I also formally appeal to the international community to support those affected by the flooding of the Shabelle River in Jowhar,” said Prime Minister Roble.

After a several hours-long visit to Jowhar, Prime Minister Roble then headed to the Kalundi Canal, 2km north of Jowhar, where he witnessed firsthand floodwaters from the Shabelle River that had cut off the tarmac road that connects Jowhar district to the central regions in Somalia.

Hirshabelle faces continues challenges in the rainy season when floods occur due to the Shabelle river banks bursting and isolating many villages in the region.

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