Somali Poetry competition kicks off in Buhodle

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Thirty-two contestants, three of them women, are taking part in a poetry competition that opened today at the University of East Africa’s Buhoodle campus.

The competition was organized by Qaryadaada Quruxso and was attended by dignitaries from Garowe, Burtinle, Burao, Hargeisa, Las Anod and other areas.

“This town of Buhodle is famous for its literature, especially poetry, and I mention Seyid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan, Ismail Mire, Ali Dhuh, Suusle, Adan Arab, Samatar Baxnaan and many others” said author Osman Abdinur Hashi at the opening of the competition.

Among those who spoke there was the poet Jama Kediye Elmi who praised the people of Buhoodle for their literature and described it as exciting initiative for the rising generation.

Intellectuals, poets and members of the public had all spoken out and called for the continuation of such competitions.

Somalia has a deep rooted history with poetry with some analyst saying it is a positive step that is being hailed for young people to understand their culture and traditions.

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