Somali Police chief urges candidates to go through security checks

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The commander of the Somali Police Force, General Abdi Hassan Mohamed (Hijaar), who is also the chairman of the electoral security committee, has issued an order to the candidates running in the upcoming elections in the country.

Chief Hijaar suggested that each candidate and electorate be investigated to determine whether they have committed crimes against the country and the people of Somalia.

The commander also said that after an investigation, they would refer the matter to the prime minister, who is in charge of the election, for sharing with the national consultative council.

“I urge every candidate and every electorate to be investigated and if found guilty of crimes against the Somali people and we will take them to the Prime Minister to be forwarded to the National Consultative Assembly,” he said.

He also referred to allegations made by the Police Command that he had challenged candidates who had applied for a letter of innocence from the C.I.D.

Police chief Hijaar also added that no one has been given the letter and that they are operating under the Somali government and not the police command.

Let it be found (letter) if there is one issued by us. This shows that we have not given it to anyone. The CID has gone to many candidates who want to run but they must understand that we operating under the government system” added the Somali Police Force Commander.

The statement comes as Somalia’s elections, with the Upper House of the Somali Parliament, having officially begun.

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