Somali police speak in details on a altercation inside a Turkish Airlines plane to Mogadishu

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The Somali Police Force (SPF) has reported that a group of Somali youths attacked a Turkish Airlines employee in a incident that took place yesterday at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu.

A Turkish Airlines flight attendant was injured in an altercation and police have arrested a number of youths involved in the violence.

The Spokesman revealed that when the plane carrying the deportees from Turkey landed, they attacked the Turkish Airlines crew, injuring one of the crew.

Speaking to the media in Mogadishu, spokesman Abdifatah Adan Hassan said that some of the passengers and crew fought inside the plane, and that one of the crew members was injured, who was taken to one of the hospitals in Mogadishu and is in good health.

He added that the return of the youths was related to the fact that their residence permit had expired.

“On December 19, 2021, there was a clash between the passengers and crew of a Turkish Airlines plane at Aden Adde International Airport, The police were informed and the suspects were arrested at the Criminal Investigation Department, ” police spokesman told the media.

The spokesman said the investigation was ongoing and that anyone found guilty would be punished, adding that the police would never tolerate any abuse, whether Somali or foreign.

Finally, he said that some of the passengers who fought on the plane and attacked one of the Turkish Airlines crew members were detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters.

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