Somali presidential candidates’ union welcomes fact-finding commission work

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The Council of Candidates Union has welcomed the steps taken by the fact-finding committee appointed by the Prime Minister tasked with vetting the accused members of the Federal and State Electoral Commissions.

The Union of Candidates (UC), meanwhile, also called for a transparent and independent presentation of the process and vetting process for future members of the electoral commissions.

The UC demanded that the electoral commissions be subject to transparent procedures and procedures based on electoral procedures and agreements to prevent future election committees that include members of civil, military members and supporters of holding administrations.

The commission, appointed by Prime Minister Roble, decided to remove 34 members from the electoral commission, but left 33 others out of the 67 members who the Union of Candidates had lodged complaints on.

Somalia is expected to go to the polls in what many analyst have described will be the tightest race for both houses of parliament seats and the candidacy for the President of Somalia.

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