Somali Region of Ethiopia: Mustafa Mohamed officially elected president

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Mustafa Mohamed ‘Agjar’, the acting president of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, has been elected as the new president of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia.

Mustafa Mohamed was originally legally appointed vice president, but retained the presidency, following the resignation of President Abdi Iley in 2018.

Mustafa came out with a majority of votes, after a show of hands by local councilors.

President Mustafa will once again lead the Somali regional government for the next five years, parliament has announced.

Ibrahim Osman Farah was also elected vice president of the Somali Regional State based in Jigjiga.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the inauguration of the new leaders, which will be widely felt in Jigjiga, the regional capital.

The inauguration will be attended by various officials, mostly from the Ethiopian Autonomous Region, including Oromia Regional State President Shimalis Abdisa, a delegation from Somaliland and Ethiopian federal government officials.

Mustafe Mohamed ‘Agjar’ had came to office on August 22, 2018, when there was a major change in the leadership of the Somali region in Ethiopia, with the then leader Abdi Mohamed “Abdi Illey’ now convicted for crimes against humanity.

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