Somali State of Ethiopia Forces provided first combat vehicles

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Thousands of soldiers from the Somali Regional State Special Forces have been trained at the Khadar Training School in Birqod district this morning.

These troops will be the 12th batch.

This batch will be the third to graduate in a short period of three years. They are equipped with vehicles and weapons that were not previously equipped with the local army.

Speaking at the event, DDS President Mustafe Muhummed Omar spoke about the importance of the armed forces to the government and the people of the area.

“The statehood we are talking about is based on you. The military today has a great reputation and reputation among its people; If there is a change in the environment, it is because of the DDS Special Forces, ”said Mustafe.

“There used to be teachers who were not locals, but today it is a matter of pride that the teachers are Somalis with extensive knowledge of academic skills,” he added.

The Somali regional state administration has launched a plan to accelerate the training of local forces since the start of fighting between Ethiopian forces and the TPLF in northern Ethiopia.


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