Somali truck driver killed in US crash

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Mohamed Ali Jama, a Somali driver, was killed in a car crash on Highway 94 in Chicago, Illinois.

Media reports say the Somali drivers vehicle was overturned, causing the driver to die on the spot according to local residents although Chicago police are still investigating the cuase of the accident.

The Somali driver who died in the accident was driving a truck traveling between cities and regions in the United States.

The Highway 94 is one of the deadliest in the world and is a crossroads between major cities in the United States, with several levels of car accidents.

Friends of the deceased Mohamed Ali Jama who spoke to say that he was a father of four, married and lived in the state of Minnesota.

Somalis in the United States have on several previous occasions expressed concern about recurring car accidents, which have killed and injured many Somali drivers.

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