Somalia-Born Italian Leftist ‘Equal Opportunities’ Official Praises Taliban

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A Somali-born Equal Opportunities Commission official in Tuscany, Italy has praised the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, while members of the leftist Democratic Party who appointed her are distancing themselves.

Nura Musse Ali, who was born in Somali, said that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was “an obligatory stage in history, so that finally that country would begin its slow journey towards an evolutionary interpretation of its laws and the maturation of the concept of political and social life.”

“It is appropriate that Europe and the United States admit that they have made a mistake and that whatever is done in the future for the people and for women, in particular, should be carried out by those in power,” she added, in comments reported by Il Giornale.

Simona Bonafè, secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party, spoke out against the comments from Ms Ali, saying: “The Democratic Party totally dissociates itself from those words,” and that the Taliban were “enemies of rights, persecutors of women. To argue that such a regime is an obligatory step towards social maturation is unacceptable.”

Senator Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League (Lega) party, also slammed the comments, saying: “Very serious words especially because they were spoken by a woman. How can you support a regime led by criminals who kill, rape, torture, and lock women in their homes?”

He added that he expected Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta to distance himself from the comments, saying that the official’s “apology for radical Islam is incompatible with our democracy.” Other members of the League have called on Ali to resign.

The comments from Ali come after Canada’s Minister for Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef, called on the Taliban to allow safe passage of people from the country, referring to the group as “our brothers, the Taliban.”


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