Somalia, Dhaka agree to establish cooperation in education, IT, agriculture

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State Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somalia Balal Mohamed Cusman and Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen agreed to establish cooperation in education, IT and agriculture sector as well as develop the existing trade and commerce.

The ministers met on 17 November morning at the sidelines of IORA 21st meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somalia was accompanied by the Ambassador of Somalia to India.

The State Minister of Somalia expressed his heartfelt thanks for the warm welcome extended by the Bangladesh side to the Somalian delegation during IORA conference. He informed that due to government measures of Somalia the situation of Covid in Somalia is improving.

Dr Momen also apprised him about the development march of Bangladesh and said that Bangladesh is maintaining robust economic growth despite the effect of the Covid Pandemic. He underlined that both countries may cooperate in various areas including agriculture, education and IT &ICT.

Foreign Minister suggested that Somalian students may choose to study in Bangladesh private Universities as education is being offered in various disciplines. He also mentioned that Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in agricultural research areas as well as agricultural production. He informed that Bangladesh is exporting pharmaceuticals to a large number of countries. Bangladesh also has acquired expertise in shipbuilding and it is producing ships, burgess and boats. He also mentioned that Bangladesh has earned expertise in sectors like IT and ICT, agriculture including fisheries and livestock. 

Dr Momen proposed that both countries can establish cooperation on contract farming.

Somalian State Minister Balal Mohamed Cusman agreed to the idea and commented that it would be mutually beneficial if contract farming may be established by joint collaboration as Somalia has huge unutilized cultivable land.

Dr Momen proposed that the Agreement on cooperation on avoidance of double Taxation may be signed between two countries. He also sought the support of Somalia in the Rohingya issue for the safe and dignified return of the displaced Rohingya people to their homeland. The Somalian State Minister sought the support of Bangladesh at the candidature of Somalia at UN Security Council Election in 2025-2026 turn.

Dr Momen said, Bangladesh and Somalia maintain friendly cooperation. Somalia has been supporting the international candidature of Bangladesh. He sought the support of Somalia at the next IMO and Human Rights Councils.


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