Somalia: Disagreement among Ministry of Aid officials continues

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The Deputy Minister of Relief and Disaster Management of the Somali Government, Abdirashid Mohamud Hassan, has issued a statement on the crisis and scandal involving the ministry.

Abdirashid first confirmed that there were in fact complaints made  recently by 16 fired employees, pointing out that the move was against the law.

The deputy minister also informed the 16 staff members who leveled allegations against Minister Khadijo Mohamed Diriye to continue their work, until they receive justice.

“Employees who have lodged a complaint will be notified to continue their work until they receive justice,” the deputy minister said in a statement.

He added: “Citizens’ rights will not be violated during this transition period, taking advantage of the electoral situation.”

He later underlined that he had shared the matter with the relevant authorities, such as the Prime Minister, in order to take legal action.

“The results of the investigation and the accompanying documents have been shared with the relevant authorities so that appropriate legal action can be taken against anyone involved in the abuse,” he said in a statement.

The statement exacerbated the current crisis in the ministry of aid, and 13 directors from the same ministry had previously denied a social media post claiming that a ministry employee had been fired, saying it was, illegal.

This is not the first dispute between Minister Khadija and other departments of the ministry, in which the Prime Minister of the Somali government has repeatedly intervened in the matters.


Complaint against Minister Khadija lodged with PM Roble by ministry staff

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