Somalia Elections: US set to release names of Somali officials imposed on travel restrictions

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The United States had recently announced travel bans on various federal government officials, state leaders, candidates, politicians and military officials if election postponements continued.

The United States has not yet commented on the names of the members of the travel embargo, and with reports that some members of the embargo have been notified in advance.

According to reports, the United States has expanded its travel restrictions, adding new members, including senior officials, military officials, candidates and elected members of parliament.

According to our sources, the United States is expanding the number of people it is imposing travel restrictions on, and it is possible that some candidates will be affected by these restrictions.

The United States is expected to announce a list of officials subject to travel bans by the end of this month, and fears are running high among those on the list and those who fear being included.

New US-affiliated governments are also expected to impose travel bans on Americans suspected of obstructing elections in Somalia as punishment.

Somalia’s elections have been delayed for more than a year, with the first accusation being leveled against outgoing President Farmajo for trying to extend his term instead of holding elections on time.


US implements sanctions ban on delayed Somalia elections

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