August 13, 2022

Somalia: HirShabelle MPs Wounded in Jowhar Blast

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Two HirShabelle MPs were injured last night in a landmine blast in the center of Jowhar town.

Mohamed Abdi Ali and Abdirahman Idow Kheyre were among the lawmakers who were injured in the blast.

Residents in Jowhar told local media that the blast was caused by a roadside bomb.

Mohamed Abdi Ali “Mohamed Dheere” and Abdirahman Abdi Idow returned from a ceremony marking the 5th anniversary celebration of Hirshabelle State and were slightly injured and taken toa local Jowhar Hospital.

The sources added that security officials were conducting various operations in the area from last night until this morning.

Earlier last month, three HirShabelle MPs were injured in a grenade attack at their residence.

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