Somalia honours October 14th bombing victims

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Somalia today marked the fourth year of remembrance for the October 14th 2017 victims who were killed in a terrorist truck bomb in the capital Mogadishu.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo shared a message with the Somali people in memory of the the victims of the October 14, 2017 bombing and prayed for God’s mercy to reward the large number of people who died in the explosion at the Sobe Intersection in Mogadishu. 

The President pointed out that every Somali will remember the sad feeling of the loss of Somali citizens who stood to play a major role in the development of our country and the rebuilding of the state.

“May God have mercy on all the martyrs of the October 14th bombing. They were citizens who deserved a beautiful life, but were targeted by the terrorists for their honorable lives.

“While this incident left a deep impression on us, it was an event that revealed how much the Somali people are willing to helping each other in time of need with the rescue efforts.”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called on the Somali people to support the Somali National Army in defeating Al-Shabaab militants who are at war with the federal government.

Four years ago today, in the capital Mogadishu, a massive explosion rocked the Soobe Intersection on October 14, 2017, killing hundreds of civilians.

Official statistics show that more than 500 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured, while 54 people are still missing with no trace.

The attack wax the single largest casualties of death by terrorists anywhere in the world since the 9/11 twin towers bombing in New York.

The horrific blast, in addition to the loss of life, destroyed an estimated $ 6.3 million worth of commercial services, vehicles and buildings.

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