Somalia: PM Hamse holds first meeting with the National Drought Emergency Committee

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The Prime Minister of the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hamse Abdi Barre, based on the need to speed up relief operations for the Somali people who have severely affected by the drought in the country, held the first meeting today with the National Drought Emergency Committee.

During the meeting, reports were heard from the Ministers of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Information and the Minister of Environment, as they presented the role of each Ministry in the drought relief.

The secretary of the emergency committee and the manager of the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) also presented a report and detailed information on the drought situation and recommendations on prevention matters.

The Prime Minister has ordered that relief operations be accelerated, as the drought is worsening, and the affected people need immediate assistance.

Also, Prime Minister Hamse called on the Somali community in general to extend help to the people affected by the drought, and instead of waiting for foreign aid, to be the aide for one another and for the Somali community to continue in supporting each other.


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