Somalia refuses UN Resolution investigation on human rights abuses in Ethiopia

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The United Nations Human Rights Council has voted to approve the establishment of an international panel of experts to investigate human rights abuses in Ethiopia.

The vote comes after a conference on the human rights situation in Ethiopia yesterday, in which UN officials warned that the Ethiopian war could spread to the region.

In yesterday’s vote, 21 of the members of the UN Human Rights Council voted in favor of the resolution, with 15 against and 11 abstentions.

Countries that have ratified it include European powers including Britain and Germany, while opponents include Somalia and Eritrea.

All the African countries in the council were mixed and some were silent.

Somali and Eritrean presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Isaias Afwerki are friends of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and voted against the resolution.

President Farmaajo has previously backed Abiy’s war in Tigray, while Afwerki has sent troops to the region.

Silent countries include Senegal, Libya, Malawi and Sudan.

The commission will consist of three members and will monitor the human rights situation in Ethiopia for one year.

The Ethiopian government opposed the meeting and the formation of the commission, saying the UN had been hijacked by politically motivated parties, according to the statement.

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