Somaliland issues four-point resolution on Somali political participation

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The President of self ruling Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, today signed a four-point law banning all people from the northern regions from participating in political affairs in Somalia.

The law states that it is a crime and a national treason for a Somalilander to participate in Somali politics, and it was decided by both houses of the Somaliland parliament.

“Officials, citizens, organizations, parties, academics, traditional leaders, writers and all segments of society in Somaliland politics are banned and will be prosecuted” said the law signed by the president of the Somaliland administration today.

It also stated that no one who participates in the political process in Somalia will be pardoned from now on.

“From now on, anyone who participates in Somali politics will not be pardoned, but will be referred to a court of competent jurisdiction,” it was said.

Read Below highlights of the statement

The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi has issued a presidential decree numbered Lr. 16/122021 on a ban on political participation in Somalia.

Having seen: The duty of the Constitution to every citizen to strengthen the unity of the nation, protect the existence of the state and defend the country and religion in accordance with the law, as stated in Article 34 of the Constitution of Somaliland;

Convinced: That it is a crime of national treason against the sovereignty and independence of Somaliland to participate in the political activities of Somalia banned by the decision of the Somaliland Parliament.

1) Every citizen of Somaliland, be it a public official, a citizen, an association, a party, a scholar, a traditional leader, a literary person or any other segment of society participating in Somali politics is prohibited by the decision of the two Houses. The Parliament of Somaliland shall charge with treason, in accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of the Decree of the two Houses.

2) Only the Government may participate in the meetings of Somaliland and Somalia, which are deemed to be of interest and do not contradict the existence of the Sovereignty and the Constitution of Somaliland, in accordance with Resolution of the two Houses dated 05/02 / 2012.

3) Any person who participates in any political activity in Somalia which is prohibited by the decision of the two Houses of the Somaliland Parliament, shall not be pardoned before a competent court before a court of law.

4) All relevant security agencies shall implement the decision of the two Houses and bring the perpetrators to justice, in order to strengthen the sovereignty and independence of Somaliland.


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